The Demise of Bill O’Reilly

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This story is one I’m a bit conflicted on — I dislike Bill O’Reilly, and have for a long time. He’s always struck me as a blowhard, a self-important rambler, and somewhat of a dunce. Yeah, he’s been extremely successful but he always struck me as a slimy guy. That said, he’s no worse than the shrieking piglets screeing on MSNBC, or the dopey dummies at CNN. (Seriously, Chris Cuomo might be the stupidest person on television.)

But at the same time, for all my personal dislike of the way O’Reilly carries himself and his show, I think this is a bit of a witch hunt. I’m not even certain how much I buy the stories given the convenient timing of them: right after he insulted Nutty Maxine Waters. She’s the Chris Cuomo of the House — dumb and ridiculous — and people took the most negative possible view of what O’Reilly said. It was actually one of the few things I’ve heard from the man that I found amusing; and it wasn’t racist or sexist.

Maxine Waters always looks like a ridiculous muppet with a wig.

Suddenly, though, there’s all these new reports of old sins by O’Reilly. It’s too convenient, and it’s giving aid and comfort to people who are going to attempt to character assassinate anyone and everyone they disagree with. That’s the problem with this. O’Reilly isn’t the important part of the story: the method is, and that’s what is dangerous.