The Million Words of Fiction Year

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My goal this year is pretty high: A million words of fiction, in twelve months. That’s just under 85,000 words a month, or dangerously close to two NNWMs.

In true fashion, I’m already behind. But the goal is possible until December 31st.

Hopefully by January 31st, I’ll actually get to 85,000 words — and 170k by the end of February…

I’ll try and keep an updated word count:

– Cigars and Legs novel(la?): 5200 words.
– Untitled Horror Novel(la?): 2000 words.
– Sword of Nalin Book 4(la?): 0 words so far.
– Your mom: All the bad words.

For the purpose of this endeavor I will not be counting blog posts, but my goal is to continue the weekly (at least) posting.