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Adventures, Etc — Chapter 1

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Now, for something completely different. I’ve wanted to write something set in the “real world” with supernatural stuff for a while — I’ve written fantasy and a ton of hardboiled detective stories. I’ve also wanted to write something with a golden age of adventure feel to it — so this story represents the start of that. I’ve gotten a ridiculous… Read more »

Playoffs: Round Two!

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Edited: I had a brain fart and wrote that the Rangers had home ice in round 2. I realized this after the fact. They do not. Ottawa does. Wow, round one had some surprises and a few series which were pretty great at busting brackets — mine included. Let me recap for those who aren’t paying attention, and also predict… Read more »

NHL Playoffs: 2017 Edition, First Round

Meant to post this yesterday but there’s always something in the way. Here we go: My full bracket is as follows: Round 1: Capitals over Leafs, Penguins over Blue Jackets, Habs over Rangers, Bruins over Senators, Blackhawks over Predators, Wild over Blues, Ducks over Flames, Oilers over Sharks. I don’t expect any sweeps in the first round; maybe the Caps… Read more »