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Nothing is Safe from Social Justice

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Huff Po panties twisted over the name Irish Car Bomb and I can’t resist poking fun: First, the Irish Car Bomb is an American cocktail — it’s only called Irish because of the use of Guinness, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Yes, when using all Irish ingredients for a cocktail (which seems like a worse name for this… Read more »

Beer Review Week Bonus: Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter

Oh. Yeah. This is certainly My Usual Dark Brew. A somewhat local company, being in Baton Rouge, today I’m drinking Parade Ground Coffee Porter. Unfortunately, it appears to be a seasonal. This guy pours out of the can and is black. Black like my libertarian heart. Light creamy foam, and a lot of it — big head on this beer…. Read more »

Beer Review Week: Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

Could it be? Could this be my Usual Dark Brew? Well, it pours dark. A dark brown, almost like watered down coffee. Big, light head that sticks around. Definitely smells of caramel and beer. The taste is, ah… not my usual dark brew. Definitely a malty flavor, nutty… a bit more bitter than I expected. The mouth feel is good… Read more »

Beer Review Week: Covington Brewhouse’s Bayou Bock

Today’s beer is by a local-ish brewery to me: Covington Brewhouse’s Bayou Bock. To get it out of the way, no, it’s not My Usual Dark Brew. This one poured light, a slightly red tinged yellow that sort of reminded me of Scotch aged in Sherry casks. It didn’t appear to have much carbonation and was without any head at… Read more »

Beer Review Week: Kirin Ichiban

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Let’s roll right into the review of Kirin Ichiban, shall we? Pours very yellow, almost the color of some Scotch. Somewhat similar in look to a Corona, with very little white head. Very fizzy looking. Smells a bit like Corona, too. Malty smell with a strong… rubbery? Newspaper? Component. The smell is not my favorite. Maybe a drying cut grass… Read more »

Beer Review Week: End of the Line with Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen

Tonight’s test beer is the Hefeweizen by Widmer Brothers. Say it with me — Not My Usual Dark Brew. Poured, this beer looks a nice deep gold, with medium white head. The beer seems a bit “cloudy” — it looks thick. Smells very much like a beer — somewhat hoppy. And oh the taste. It’s not as bitter as an… Read more »