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Beer Review Week – Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Pale Ale

On Saturday I happened to have my first Blue Moon beer — it was their regular Belgian White, and it was quite delicious for a pale ale. Again, Not My Usual Dark Beer(tm), but still good and certainly better than a (Insert Cheap Big Name Beer) Lite. Today’s selection from the choose your own adventure six pack I got was… Read more »

Beer Review Week: Abita’s Andygator

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Abita is a local(ish) brewery down here, and they’ve got some pretty decent beers. They also make a fairly decent root beer. Today’s selection to go with dinner was their Andygator. The beer pretty much lives up to the description at their site. It’s a darker gold color than the Beck’s I described yesterday, in color. It didn’t produce as… Read more »

New (Old) Digs

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Bah.  What to do? I’ve been doing this (on and off) for as long as I can remember. It’s been over a decade and a half since some asshole introduced me to the joys of HTML; I’ve had a blogger site, a livejournal (before there was an alternative; I was one of the first 160 people to use LJ), different… Read more »

A Beer Review

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It’s hard for me to find beers I really enjoy, because I have what is apparently a bizarre set of tastes in beer.  At least regionally.  (Or maybe it is very popular and that’s why my beers of choice aren’t available.) Because of this I am willing to try almost anything labelled as a stout, or with the word “cream”… Read more »