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Hurricane Hazel, Sitting Bull, and much more!

This Month (October) 1954 World Champions! The New York Giants defeated the Cleveland Indians on October 2nd to win the World Series! They swept the Indians, winning the last game by a score of 7-4. Also on the second, two new shows debuted on NBC: – The Imogene Coca Show, a half-hour situation comedy/variety show. It stars Imogene Coca, and… Read more »

Some Shorts and a Shield for Murder!

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This Week (August 26th-31st*) in 1954. Fright to the Finish, a Popeye short, was released on August 27th. Don’t miss it! Also on the 27th, Shield for Murder, a film noir starring Edmond O’Brien. O’Brien plays Barney Nolan, a police Lieutenant who decides he’s had enough. Nolan decides to take the law into his own hands, and takes himself on… Read more »

An Egyptian and a Dual in the Jungle!

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This Week (August 19-25th) in 1954… A short week this week: Just two films! Duel in the Jungle was released on August 21st. This adventure was directed by George Marshall and stars Dana Andrews as Scott Walkers, Jeanne Crain as Marian Taylor, and David Farrar as twins Perry and Arthur Henderson. The movie starts with an American insurance investigator going… Read more »

Desire, an Outcast, and Sports Illustrated

This Week (August 12-18) in 1954… On Monday, the first issue of a new magazine called Sports Illustrated debuted. This magazine will focus on all things sports, and is a Time property. The initial cover shows Milwaukee Braves star Eddie Matthews at Bat, with New York Giants catcher Wes Westrum behind him. We’ll see if serious sports journalism can survive… Read more »

Crusoe, Crusaders, and Her Twelve Men.

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This Week (August 5th-11th) in 1954… On Thursday, August the 5th, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe debuted. This exciting adventure was directed by Luis Bunuel, and stars Daniel O’Herlihy. In it, the titular Robinson Crusoe finds himself stranded on an island and must fend for himself… King Richard and the Crusaders was released on Saturday. This film stars Rex Harrison,… Read more »

Rear Window, About Mrs. Leslie, A Magnificent Obsession, and more!

This Week (July 29th-August 4th) in 1954… On Friday, July 30th, the film noir Pushover was released, starring Fred MacMurry, Philip Carey, and Kim Novak. In this Richard Quine film, Police officer Paul Sheridan (MacMurray) is on the hunt for $200,000 stolen during a bank robbery. Part of their job is surveillance on Lona McLane (Novak) who is dating one… Read more »

Seven Brides, Living It Up, a Ring of Fear, and On the Waterfront!

This Week (July 22-28) in 1954… This week was quite a week for U.S. filmgoers. A new Brando, a musical, a comedy with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and even a Mickey Spillane film! First up, on Thursday, the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers debuted in theatres. This film starts by showing a man named Adam Pontipee agreeing to… Read more »

Valley of the Kings and the Earrings of Madame de…

This Week (July 15-21) in 1954… Valley of the Kings premiered on Wednesday, starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker. This film is about archeologist Mark Brandon (Taylor), convinced by Ann Mercedes (Parker) to search out solid proof of the Bibilical Joseph’s travles in ancient Egypt. On Monday, the French film The Earrings of Madame de… was released in the United… Read more »