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Cutting a Cigar in Half

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This idea occurred to me having watched some Band of Brothers and noting that Bull always had a stubby cigar. I wondered if, to make them last longer on a low supply, he was cutting them into mission-sized chunks. It made sense: If done carefully, you have two cigars, kind of like the myth about earthworms. They’re just smaller. On… Read more »

Cooler weather means cigar time. And dark beers.

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I’m waiting patiently and watching the temperature carefully. It’s going to be getting colder. Soon, I hope. Because that means two things: 1. Dark beers. Most dark beers are seasonal and specific to winter. There are more than a few I cannot wait for the return of. 2. I can smoke more. Blistering South Mississippi heat doesn’t really go with… Read more »

A Cigar a Day?

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When I first started smoking cigars, they were an occasional treat. I tend to dedicate a long time to smoking a stogie and it’s just hard to find that kind of time and lead any sort of life. After some time they became a weekends kind of thing — Friday night we’ll chill on the porch, some booze and a… Read more »

Odds and Ends:

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– Cutting the grass is a great time to smoke a cigar. Preferably not a super fancy one, though, as it can be a little jarring and the smells can interfere with the enjoyment thereof. However, not while pouring gas INTO the lawnmower (as manly as that sounds). – After World War II, there was a lot of productivity and… Read more »

(Vacation) Tobacco Tuesday — Montecristo Platinum

I picked up a Montecristo Platinum in a tube a few weeks ago. When I broke that open it had a “1999 Vintage” paper ring around it just next to the Montecristo logo. The wrapper was flawless, from start to end. Uniform in color and texture. The hole punch style cutter on my lighter made quick work of the end… Read more »

The CAO Mx2

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A few weeks ago I picked up a four pack of short, thick CAO cigars.  The Mx2 was one of the four, and one of them I’ve already smoked.  The too long, didn’t read version of this:  It was very nice. To start with the construction — it definitely wasn’t a second. I’ve had a few CAO over the years… Read more »

Happy New Year — and a Cigar Review!

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Happy New Year! As part of my Christmas stocking stuffers, I got a sampler of Travis Club cigars from Finck Cigar Company. This is going to be short since it’s a holiday, but: These are long-filler, well constructed cigars so I’ll jump right into it: The construction of the cigar was pretty good, but they felt a little hollow (for… Read more »